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Provisioning devices for Pelion Device Management

This chapter explains how to provision devices for Device Management. It discusses:

Certificates and certificate authorities

Certificates establish trust between Device Management and devices, as well as trust for the update service. A Certificate Authority (CA) provides the device with a public key and identity information recognized by Device Management. This section discusses the following topics:

  • Certificate authority options.
  • Setting up your own certificate authority.
  • Integrating with a third-party CA.
  • Properties for manually generated device keys and certificates.
  • Certificate renewal.

The Factory provisioning process

After you have set up the CA and linked it with your account, you are ready to provision devices on the factory line. This section provides provisioning information, including the parameters bundle: a collection of parameters that you need to provision to the device to connect with Device Management. The Device Management Provision SDK includes the following software components:

  • Key and Configuration Manager (KCM) securely stores device keys and configuration information in the device memory. KCM is capable of storing the data in external or internal FLASH memory.
  • Factory Configurator Client (FCC) is part of the Device Management Client software running on the device.
  • Factory Configurator Utility (FCU) is integrated into the manufacturing testing and provisioning equipment running on the factory floor.

The section also explains how to remove the FCC code from production devices by blocking the FCC code in the production image. You must remove the FCC code from production devices, as it allows overwriting or manipulating of provisioning information stored in the device.

Note: Arm licenses FCU to Device Management customers that manufacture connected devices. Please contact us for more information. Customers entitled to use the FCU tool can download the tool and documentation from the Device Management Portal.

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