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Device Management Edge 0.6.0


  • WISE-3160 content removed.
  • Device Management Edge Local Management API introduced.
  • New command line argument for Edge Core.
    • It is now possible to control the log coloring using the --color-log argument.
    • Without the argument, a plain text log is produced.
    • When giving the argument --color-log to edge-core binary, an ANSI colored log is produced.
  • Added support for setting user data to the pt_device_t structure. See pt_create_device_with_userdata in pt_api.h.
  • Removed the duplicate configuration file of Device Management Client.
    • mbed_client_user_config.h removed.
    • Moved the TCP keepalive configuration to mbed_cloud_client_user_config.h.
  • Renamed LoRa example to MQTT example.
  • Updated the version of Yocto in the Raspberry Pi 3 reference implementation from morty to sumo.
  • Updated Device Management Client to version
  • Added new fields account-id and lwm2m-server-uri to Edge status REST API.


  • Removed the protocol translator examples from the edge-core repository.
  • Added the libevent_global_shutdown function to the cleanup stage to prevent occasional memory leaks during shutdown.
  • Fixed issues in JSONRPC message handling on broken messages.

Known issues

Firmware update from morty version of Yocto to sumo does not work and makes devices unusable. The differences in the device trees of different versions cause problems when starting the kernel after the update.

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